How I Managed Several Internal Transfers Within 5 Years of My Career

2020.5.28 制度・イベント

Peace begins with a smile” -Mother Teresa

That’s one of the most inspiring quotes I keep in mind during work.
Smile makes every action smooth. EVEN in situations like internal department transfers.
Internal department transfer is such a big deal for many people.
DUH, obviously. You basically change your main job. How’s that not a big deal???
That was totally the same feeling for me as well.


So, every blog should start from this.
Blogging 101: Self Introduction.
Let me just introduce myself real quick.

My name is Izumi Yamamoto, and April 2020 marks my 5th anniversary working here in ALH.
I’m “usually” an optimistic 26-year-old female, who loves traveling and taking pictures/selfies,
and watch power ranger series.(Don’t judge me)

Yet, usual optimist turns into a pessimist in certain situations,


My Career


2016/4 – 2018/3

I first started my career as a programming engineer in April, 2016.
My major in college was sociology and religion, which I had ZERO experience in computer science.
I finished my training, and entered governmental project with my preceptor (That’s how we call our mentors in ALH).
As you can imagine, every day was continuous shocks and panics.
However, I managed to work as an engineer for two full years.
I learned basic programming and matching requirements towards users’ needs.

2018/4 – 2019/10

My first department transfer was to sales.
Of course, I had no knowledge towards sales and personnel management.
I started managing other engineers, and assigning employees and business partners to development and infrastructure projects.
Like any other sales person, there were situation when my clients came harsh on me.
That experience made me even happier when I was able to come out with a profitable result.
I learned personnel management and some sense in financial matters in sales.

2019/11 – now

Now, I’m currently working as an instructor of infrastructure in a department called White Base Unit.
I basically teach infrastructure and companies’ principles to new employees.
Again, I only had few knowledge towards infrastructure.
My only experience was self-studying using our benefit system, called “Beer Server” system.
However, my director initiatively asked me to transfer to human resource.
I’m enjoying my job right now and having fun communicating new faces.


Yup, I think the subtitle has it all. How does internal transfers happen so often to departments which seems kind of… unrelated? I was programming, so it might sound natural if I move to a department that specializes in program tests. But I moved to sales and human resource.


Our “Okaeri Jinji” system does the work.

Okaeri Jinji System
System lets the target personnel to transfer to different departments on the assumption to come back to the original department. System aims to develop multi-prospective of the IT industry, and bring up further knowledge to the original career.

Then and Now

After the explanation of Okaeri Jinji system, you’ll know that I’m making full use of the system by taking on the challenge to new environments and fields. However, I wasn’t so positive about moving departments at first.

Before I used the Okaeri Jinji system, I was distressed about my career as an engineer. My colleagues were stepping up to new stages of their career, and I felt being left behind. That’s when the sales manager asked me to transfer to sales. I wasn’t very optimistic about hopping jobs since I had a doubt about adapting to new environment. I didn’t have the guts to believe in myself.

Yet, my mind was set after consideration. If I didn’t take on the challenge now, I’ll just rot in my original position. God will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. As you all now know, I said yes to new challenge.

Now, I do not regret the decisions I made. I’m enjoying my career as an instructor, and still learning new things every single day. Because I experienced in different departments, I am able to easily cooperate with people in various departments. Also, I became more courageous towards new challenges.

However, it’s not always entertaining to challenge. That’s when the quote comes in.

What I always keep in mind during my every day challenge is to smile. Sounds really simple, isn’t it? Simple is best, still difficult to do though. Smiling faces make every negotiations and challenges smooth. Smile affects yourself and other surrounding people. You don’t want your instructor to be frowning every day, right? I think this quote will be forever my guidelines for action.


In conclusion, I want to thank all the members in my company to let me challenge to new things that no one has done before. I feel letting inexperienced newbie challenging freely is such an investment. This challenging atmosphere allows me to do whatever to follow my heart. I have many errors; however, I will keep on trying to make full use of my everyday special.


 Izumi Yamamoto
Instructor, White Base Unit(WBU) ALH Co., Ltd.
Entered ALH as a new grad. Loves going on random trips and taking pictures.
My “Another Sky” is Malta and Croatia. Animal Lover. Especially reptiles.